41, Con. Mitsotaki Str, Lido 71303, Heraklion Crete, Greece
+30 2810 315001

About ABC-Development


Since its inception, ABC Development has been able to establish itself in the real estate construction and transfer market.

Stations in its course are the construction of commercial – professional buildings and quality residences throughout Crete, as well as its participation in development – investment projects of construction projects. ABC Development has also created a network of property transfer consultants in Crete.
The successful business development of ABC Development and the rapid expansion of its customer base in its years of operation are the best guarantees for the future course of the company.


For our philosophy, the center of action and development is the ‘client-man’. Understanding the importance of real estate in everyday life of the citizen and business, we respond quickly and dynamically to the demands of the modern land market. We adapt our services to the particular personal needs, financial capabilities and desires of the individual and the entrepreneur-investor, always aiming at the best possible result. We operate with the core business values ​​of flexibility, reliability and professionalism.

The company is committed to continue to serve the modern needs of its customers, closely following developments in the field of construction and real estate services. Finally, we adopt the most sophisticated management and marketing techniques.


Company Profile

ABC Development provides integrated and efficient services in the construction, development and management of real estate in residential and professional space.

Our field of activity includes:
 Constructions of residential complexes, and professional, tourist
    and industrial property
 Mediation in real estate transactions (purchases, sales, rentals)
 Mediation in professional real estate (purchases, sales rentals)
 Income property
 Management and development of investment property
 Consultancy services on environmental impact assessment,
forest ownership recognition.

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